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Bam! Pow! Squee! Listen to 'Batman' theme song — performed by bats!

Cory Holliday / Fish & Wildlife Service

A gray bat with white-nose syndrome is seen inside a cave in Montgomery County, Tenn.

One European group has created a soundtrack to the "Batman" theme tune using the most natural of acoustic choices: the sounds of real bats. 

Because the call of bats is well, squeaky and less pleasant for the human ear to take in, the group transposed recorded sounds down a few octaves. Then they assigned sounds to keys on a keyboard, they explain on their YouTube page.

A techno-flavored, but very convincing, rendition is the final product. 

Have a listen below. 

Music arrangement: Ulrich Seidel, Erfurt, Germany. Video compilation: Sándor Seuntjens, Brussels, Belgium. Idea: Wolter Seuntjens, Erfurt, Germany

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Via Mark Abrahams at Improbable Research

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